My passion for active, healthy living was most influenced by my grandpa, born in 1888. He was a health food and lifestyle guru way ahead of his time. He was a vegetarian, ate Vitamin C horse-sized pills, imported yogurt bacteria from Bulgaria, partook in intermittent fasting, spent time daily upside down in an inverter, and he rode horses on his ranch in California until he was 95 years old.

My upbringing was also centered around an active and healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, as my parents entered the later stages of their lives, both grappled with chronic diseases. When their health declined to the point where they could no longer manage their lives independently, this responsibility fell on me. At that juncture, I was residing in Southern California with my own family, and my parents lived in Northern California.

Over the course of more than a decade, I took charge of my parents’ care, coordinating with over fifteen caregivers, fifteen doctors, two hospitals, the VA, home health services, physical therapists, speech therapists, five care managers, a Patient Advocate, and the independent-living facility where my parents resided. Working with my three brothers, who often held differing opinions, added an extra layer of complexity.

A significant turning point occurred when I collaborated with a Patient Advocate specializing in caregivers of individuals with advanced Multiple Sclerosis. The guidance and education I received were transformative for both my mother and me. Through collaboration and the effective integration of external resources, I greatly improved my parents’ well-being and lives.

I was so moved by this experience that I pursued and completed the UCLA certificate program in Patient Advocacy. Since then, I have been actively working with clients, combining my passion for healthy living with my skills and experience in patient advocacy, with the aim of enabling individuals to age with peace and dignity.



Cameron is an amazing coach and advisor. She can assess your or your family’s needs thoroughly and quickly, share the environmental ecosystem that exists and how to navigate it. She gives thoughtful, thorough advice. She is empathetic and a great listener and is incredibly knowledgeable. I would wholeheartedly recommend utilizing her as you and your family are navigating aging and caring for seniors in the American healthcare system.
Anne Wood, Managing Director,
Beyer & Kelley LLC
Cameron was a pleasure to work with. She has integrity. She is accountable and committed to the task at hand. She was professional in dealing with me and my sister and excelled at engagement with my mother. She is a good listener. She provided excellent advice regarding my mother as we considered options, moving her from a Skilled-Nursing Facility to home with a caregiver and hospice.
Krystyna Maciejowski, Senior Programmer, Kaiser Permanente
Cameron has been a fantastic resource. She introduced us to services at the VA and hospice that my parents were eligible for and might not have pursued otherwise. She has made this complicated time easier for me and my sisters by guiding us and making suggestions how to work together and how to make life easier for my mom.
Margaret, Orange County client
I was unsure how to help my 95-year old friend. Cameron made it so easy for me by clearly presenting the relevant issues and recommending steps to take. We worked as a team, back and forth, until I had enough knowledge and was confident to navigate further on my own. Best of all, we succeeded in getting the best services possible for my friend.
Sue, Photographer, Los Angeles